[l2h] Newbie question; can't get transparent background to work on gif images

Strachan, Iain Iain.Strachan@hyprotech.com
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 02:14:52 -0700


I have a couple of questions concering included .eps figures when converting
to HTML.  I'm using MS Windows, NetPBM v 9.20 and Latex2html2k

A typical include of a figure might be as follows:

\htmlimage{thumbnail=0.5,extrascale=2.5,transparent} \htmlborder{5}
\includegraphics [width =
\caption{Here is a very long caption to test out to see if it works OK }

I've asked for "transparent" background to the gif file, but whether I do
this or not, the generated image comes out with a grey background (though it
is white, or presumably transparent) in the .eps file.

The second problem I have is in the way the figure caption is aligned.  If I
ask for "external images", where the images are not included in the
document, but only indicated by a hypertext link, then I find that the
figure caption is only as wide as the hypertext link, and hence is formatted
in a long thin stream of text, only a few words wide.

Is there any known way around these problems?

Iain Strachan.