[l2h] I need gif images

PROF. OSCAR DUARTE ogduarte@ing.unal.edu.co
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 17:23:56 +0500 (GMT)

I used to generate html files with gif images, but now it is not 
possible. I just have made an upgrade from Suse 7.1 to Suse 7.3 and I 
have found changes in the l2hconf.pm and pstoimage files that perhaps are 
stopping the gif generation.

żIs there any license problem? I think there are yet a lot of old 
navigators that do not recognize the png format (Actually, I have the 
Internet Explorer 3.0 in a Windows 95 system, and it does not support it).

żIs it possible to create the gif files?

Oscar Duarte