[l2h] Latex2html question

Ross Moore ross@ics.mq.edu.au
Fri, 2 Aug 2002 18:45:02 +1000 (EST)

> Hello,
>  I'm having a couple of minor problems operating latex2html
>   "Version 2K.1beta (1.47)" (installed with Redhat 7.1).
>  Specifically, the document has a small number of mathematical
>  expressions. Some of them, but not all, come out with white
>  backgrounds to match my document. The others come out with
>  gray backgrounds, and of course that looks pretty bad.
>  I used various options (-white -transparent) in attempt
>  to fix this, but that didn't work.

Some working means that you have the correct software versions
working together.
That's good, since RedHat has a bad record with LaTeX2HTML
for using incompatible versions of the netpbm graphics utilities
and the LaTeX2HTML installation scripts.

>  Secondly, the images appear raised from the document -- there
>  is a narrow dark edge on the LHS and bottom of each image.
>  Does anyone have any advice on these problems?

Have a close look at some of those images, as follows:

  in the web-browser, click/hold an image to select viewing
it by itself;
  then choose "Page Info".

You should get a scaled-up version, highly pixellated.

If the black "cropping-bars" do not extend the whole length
and/or height of the image, then that's the problem:

  something within the mathematics is placing ink outside
of the metric bounding-box of the mathematics.
If it extends to the right, then just put \, or \; after
that wide symbol. 

Re-run LaTeX2HTML on the job -- that's usually enough to fix it.

If something is too high, such as an accent over a symbol,
then that's harder to fix . 
Send me an example and I'll look for a convenient fix.

>  The basic command that I've issued is:
>  latex2html -html_version 4.0,math -no_navigation html.tex
>   (as stated, with or without -white or -transparent options)

Try these as alternatives:

  latex2html -html_version 4.0,math -no_math -no_navigation html.tex
  latex2html -html_version 4.0,math -no_math_parsing -no_navigation html.tex

You should get different amounts of image-creation,
and more/less use of <TABLE>s within math-displays.

> Thanks and regards,

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

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