[l2h] \etalchar: $^+$ in Bibliography & References

Chris Jepeway jepeway@blasted-heath.com
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 13:13:00 -0400

I'm using \bibliographystyle{alpha}.  When there are
many authors of a document, this style spits out
a reference that looks like [DLM+88].  When I run l2h,
though, the HTML output isn't doing the right thing
with the + in these references; they look like [DLM$^+$].
Here's some HTML from one of them:

    [<A HREF="node109_ct.html#bib:NDR" TARGET="contents">DLM$^+$88</A>]	

The bibliography itself has these $^+$ in it, too.

How do I fix this one?

Chris <jepeway@blasted-heath.com>.