[l2h] Re: virus alert: avoid the previous posting

kaja@daimi.au.dk kaja@daimi.au.dk
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 14:12:29 +0200

Hi Ross,

>In case you haven't realised already,
>the message that arrived earlier today, with subject:
>     [l2h]  a powful tool
>most probably contains a virus; so be careful with it.
>It was rejected by the mail-scanner at my university's site, with a 
>message to say that a virus had been removed from it.


>Also, I'll suggest that extra filtering software be installed
>on  tug.org  for protection of all its email lists.

  I set up mail filtering on tug.org 2 weeks ago :-) When I checked 
today to see how
many virus infected messages have been blocked since then, I found no 
less then 175;
two of these, identical to the message above, were sent to other 
lists and blocked.
Three messages sent to  latex2html list (with different text but the 
same virus -
see below) were  blocked as well.

However, I cannot find any evidence that the message above nor the 
'charlie' message were
actually sent to the list in their original form. Very strange. Could 
the person administrating
mail-scanenr at your site look into this?


Time:    Mon Apr 22  6:33:52 2002
From:    kmerrit1@twcny.rr.com
To:      latex2html@tug.org
Subject: A  good tool
Virus:   W32/Klez-G

Time:    Thu Apr 25  8:54:47 2002
From:    lara@phoenix-metal.com
To:      latex2html@tug.org
Virus:   W32/Klez-G

Time:    Thu Apr 25 18:35:02 2002
From:    wstark@nauticadehumid.com
To:      latex2html@tug.org
Subject: Spice girls' vocal concert
Virus:   W32/Klez-G