[l2h] Cannot convert .eps images which are included in the LATEX file

Thu, 25 Apr 2002 16:25:24 +0800

Excuse me! Here a old quetion about converting eps image to png image.


Cannot convert PostScript images which are included in the LATEX file: 

First trying:
It is likely that the macros you are using for including PostScript files (e.g. \epsffile) are not understood by LATEX2HTML . To avoid this problem enclose them in an environment which will be passed to LATEX anyway; e.g. 
\epsffile{ <PostScript file name>} 
\includegraphics{<PostScript file name>}
it no work!

Second trying:

Another reason why this might happen is that your shell environment variable TEXINPUTS may be undefined. This is not always fatal but if you have problems you can use full path-names for included PostScript files (even when the PostScript 
                         i write: \includegraphics[width=80mm,angle=45]{e:\\f1.eps} , the error occur as before!

files are in the same directory as the LATEX source file). Alternatively try setting TEXINPUTS to `.::'. With some TEX and LATEX installations setting TEXINPUTS to `.::' may cause problems in the normal operation of LATEX . If you get errors such as LATEX complaining that it can no longer find any style files then you must set TEXINPUTS to "<path to your LaTeX installation>:." if you want to use both LATEX and LATEX2HTML . 

I am using Windows XP. After checking, TEXINPUTS is not in the shell environment variables. So, I use shell command in a console window to set the TEXINPUTS:
     set TEXINPUTS=.
But this do not work too.

Third trying:

Modify the l2hconf.pm, 

$DVIPS = 'D:\\MikTeX\\miktex\\bin\\dvips.exe'; # dvips
$DVIPS = 'D:\\MikTeX\\miktex\\bin\\dvips.exe -r0'; # dvips

But this do not work.

Yean! faint! Save me! Help me!