[l2h] The L2H 2002 Cannot deal CJK document correctly!

Ross Moore ross@ics.mq.edu.au
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 08:34:28 +1000 (EST)

> > > # Use 'Bg5' => 'big5' as default charset, for both input and output,
> > > # unless it is set already with a value for  $CJK_AUTO_CHARSET
> > > 
> > > $CJK_AUTO_CHARSET = '' unless (defined $CJK_AUTO_CHARSET);
> > > $charset = $CHARSET = $CJK_AUTO_CHARSET || $CJK_charset{'Bg5'};
> I'm not happy with a default value.  *Any* CJK environment must
> specify a character set, so this default value is never used.  And I
> can't see a reason why Big 5 is the default and not, say, GB 2312.

I coded it as an optional argument, not a *required* one.
(Thank goodness I hadn't commited that code; the repository should
have the correct version within 24 hours.)

So yes, the default is completely redundant for correctly coded documents.
It would only be used if there is a mistake in the LaTeX anyway.
So it just helps to produce an HTML page that makes sense to a browser,
even if the contents are not correct.
For this purpose it doesn't matter which charset is used, provided there is one.
If, in this light, there is any reason to choose one default over another
then I'd be happy to change to it.
(I suppose it's really a fall-back, rather than a default. :-)


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