[l2h] toc_stars and image-type-check revisited

Scot Woodward scot_woodward@yahoo.com
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 14:53:54 -0700 (PDT)


First of all, thanks for fixing the toc_stars bug.  After learning some
Perl, I came up with the same solution today, and was about to generate
a diff against the latest version when I noticed that it was fixed in
the latest version.  Oh well, I guess it pays to stay up-to-date.

I'm still slightly unhappy about the star versions showing up on the
child-links list on index.html, but I can either suppress that list,
or limit its depth, which is good enough for my purposes.

Second item, I came up with a better solution to my image-type-checking
problem a couple weeks ago.  I tried mailing my diff to Russ, but it
bounced.  So I'll post it to the list.  It suppresses the image type
check if the "noimages" option is given.

--- begin diff ---
>         'noimages!',
< unless(grep(/^\Q$IMAGE_TYPE\E$/o, @IMAGE_TYPES)) {
<     die <<"EOF";
> if (!$opt{noimages}) {
>     unless(grep(/^\Q$IMAGE_TYPE\E$/o, @IMAGE_TYPES)) {
>         die <<"EOF";
>     }
--- end diff ---

Thanks for listening.

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