[l2h] icons should obey -image-type

Ross Moore ross@ics.mq.edu.au
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 14:40:44 +1000 (EST)

> In article <200204102315.g3ANFZ611429@hera.ics.mq.edu.au>
> Hans Werner Strube <strube@physik3.gwdg.de> writes: 
> > In my opinion, option -image-type should also be valid for icons. As a simple
> > fix, move the %icons =(...) from l2hconf to latex2html in the following way
> I think this is good.
> Moreover, I would like if the priority of setting was more clear 
> for some options, for example, image type, or languages.
Yes, you can use multiple  l2hconf.pm  files,
or you can simply use the   -init_file  switch to override
anything that has been setup by reading earlier files.

  l2hconf.pm  should be for  'site-specific'  stuff, and is
setup at installation time.
By setting an environment variable  L2HCONFIG  you can specify
a different file to be read instead.

  For particular users at a site, who may have special language
requirements, or other customisations, you can use

 For particular jobs, there's the  .latex2html-init  file
in the working directory. 

  For customisations relevant to jobs done from various different
locations, then there's the  -init_file <file>  switch, which
can be used multiply for the same job.
Each file will be read, in the order specified on the command-line.

  Other command-line switches are for specific settings for
specific jobs.

The LaTeX Web Companion book has a more detailed discussion
of the various files and variable names.

> I think the priority should be
>   command line option > .latex2html-init > l2hconf.pm

This is how it is, if >  means "is read later, so overrides".

If you are not getting customisations that you think you should
be getting, then maybe the variable is being used before you've
had the chance to change it. If this is the case, then send explicit
details of what you have tried that appears not to have worked.

> but the start-up sequence of latex2html does not seem to satisfy 
> it, at least for image type or language, I think. So I need 
> several "l2hconf.pm" file for each cases. I hope it will be 
> improved.

Image-type, at least for the icons, is setup at installation-time.
This is because part of the installation is to provide a location
of a repository to access "across the web" for the icons. This may
involve creating that repository, or it may be done simply by 
setting $ICONSERVER to reference an existing repository somewhere.
The "language" is something that pervades everything about the
documents that you create.
It needs to be set early, as other thing may depend upon it.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

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