[l2h] Customising the appearance of web pages created with l2h

Paul Lussier pll@mclinux.com
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 08:26:10 -0400

In a message dated: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 16:54:45 EDT
"Fred L. Drake, Jr." said:

>  These are best done in the style sheet these days.  What I do for
>the Python documentation is to copy in our style sheet after
>latex2html is done.  Make sure you set $BODYTEXT to '' so nothing set
>up from the configuration script pollutes the HTML pages with style
>information, though!

I know nothing about style sheets.  My html is actually pretty 
horrible, since everything I've ever done is either static, or perl 
generated :)

How do I do this in a style sheet and have l2h include that style 

> > 	3. create a 1-row x 3 column table at the top of every
> > 	   node which contains our Company and group logos (lef/right)
> > 	   and the document title (centered).
>  Using a little Perl for this is reasonably easy.  Define a new sub,
>top_navigation_panel(), and generate the table there.

Where do I define this new sub?  I actually have a chunk of perl code 
which does exactly what I want it to do, now I just need to know 
where to put it.

>To get both your table and the navigation panel that latex2html
>generates now, use the navigation_panel() function:

Does this imply the use of frames?  Personally, I hate frames and 
would rather not use them.  If if doesn't, great!

>sub top_navigation_panel {
>    return $MY_HEADER . navigation_panel();

Ahh, okay, so where would this go?

>  It can do a lot if you are willing to feed it a little code.  Or a
>lot of code.  It can be a hungry beast...

Well, I coding perl to do my html for me is about the only way I know 
how to do html, so maybe l2h and I'll get along just fine! :)

Thanks a bunch!


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