[l2h] Buttons in Dutch

Sander van Geloven svgeloven@zonnet.nl
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 23:21:08 -0500


If I have a Dutch LaTeX document, the Next, Up, Previous, etc. links are
translated into Dutch except the buttons remain in English.

Is there someone who wan't to translate the buttons en alter latex2html
that it works? Maybe the implementation can be so e.g. that instead of
/usr/lib/latex2html/icons/prev.png, the translated button
/usr/lib/latex2html/icons/nl-prev.png is referred to.

I've already made a start for the translation:

Deleted		Verwijderd
Contents	Inhoudsopgave
Image		Afbeelding
Index		Index
Next		Volgende
Next group	Volgende groep
Previous	Vorige
Previous group	Vorige groep
Up		Omhoog