[l2h] Index entries include trailing format specifications such as '|textbf'

Julius Smith jos@w3k.org
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 11:29:28 -0800

Hi Ross,

>you wrote:
> > I discovered that index entries including a format specification, such as
> >
> >       keyword\index{keyword|textbf}
>Does this work in LaTeX if \usepackage{makeidx} is *not* loaded ?

Yes, there appears to be support for this much index generation in LaTeX 
without the makeidx package.  The only thing I've found so far that 
requires makeidx.sty is the "see other-keyword" construct, i.e.,


Without \usepackage{makeidx}, an error is generated that the macro "\see" 
is not defined.

>Thus the definition for  do_cmd_index  in  latex2html  is just a very basic,
>no-frills version.  To get the full-featured interpretation of \index
>you are expected to  \usepackage{makeidx} ...

I was previously using the default support instead of \usepackage{makeidx} 
because I preferred "index entries == URLs" (as opposed to "index entries 
== unlinked text with linked section name on the next line").  However, I 
just now found the $SHORT_INDEX flag from reading the code, and its 
behavior is the best of all for my needs.  I am now converted to using 
makeidx.perl, and I would support printing a warning when 
"\begin{theindex}" is encountered and "\usepackage{makeidx}" has not been seen.