[l2h] How to suppress \write output in the generated html

Templ Josef josef.templ@infoniqa.com
Thu, 8 Nov 2001 15:11:09 +0100

Hi everybody,

my LaTeX file contains commands that write into a separate file
(\jobname.jhf) using \newrite and \write. The file is used for special 
postprocessing (we try to make JavaHelp input files automatically from

When I convert to html, the contents of this file appears in
the html text at the place of the \write.

How can I suppress this output?

I have tried the environment 'latexonly', but without
any success. Anyway, in my oppinion, the output should not be in the
at the first place.

Can anybody shed some light onto this?

Thanks in advance

- Josef

P.S. I am using an up to date installation of latex2html and miktex.
The installation works just fine otherwise. Also the 'latexonly'
works for normal text.