[l2h] New Domain Names .USA, .Email and others

john.clark@neteon.com john.clark@neteon.com
Mon, 5 Nov 2001 00:01:22 -0800


Jerry gave me your email address and asked me to forward to you the new names that are available.  Yes, they do work and it is true.  You can have the domain name and extension of your choice.  I picked on and they are even doing my site for me.  You can't beat the price for email and web.

The name of the company is: www.onlinelizards.com .  All I know is, these guys have it down and will blow away the bloody ICANN.  They have created a tool that will give you something to really use, better than MSN and yahoo.  I saw it at the conference and at Las Vegas.  It was awesome.

Well, enjoy and better get your own before it's too late.  Other companies are already starting to snatch these new names up.  Remember, you get to choose whatever you want.