[l2h] No equation/images in win98 - please help!

Julius Smith julius@best.com
Sat, 03 Nov 2001 10:40:29 -0800

I would also add to look at images.log in the output directory.  Also, 
"latex2html -debug ..." may add more useful info. -- jos

At 11:09 AM 11/3/2001 +0000, Steve Mayer wrote:

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>Subject: [l2h] No equation/images in win98 - please help!
> > I can't find a solution elsewhere, forgive me if the answer has been
> > and I couldn' find it.
> >
> > re: latex2html-99.2beta8
> >
> > I've installed latex2html in win98, run config.bat (results below), then
> > the test program which worked perfectly except that the equations do not
> > appear in the web pages (image1 appears instead).
> >
> > Please help, I've spent the last 16 hours trying to figure out where I've
> > gone wrong
> >
> > Thanks again
> >
> > =============================================================
> > ===I know I probably shoudn't, but I've included the output from
> > config.bat====
> > ===Every thing seems to be OK ???==================================
> > =================================
>In order to solve this problem it would be a good idea to have a look at the
>screen output particularly when (or if) the images are being created.
>Unfortunately, only the warnings appear in a log (what does it say?) so you
>will need a lot of fast Pause button pushing, then copying and pasting the
>text elsewhere. If this text doesn't help you, maybe you should post it
>As far as the config.log is concerned, yes it does look OK except that I
>would not put tex related programs in C:\Program Files. Some of these
>programs don't like spaces (or ~) in folder or file names, sometimes giving
>obscure errors, which is why the latest version of Miktex defaults to
>C:\texmf. Thus the first thing I would do is check the output to see that
>dvips is operating correctly. Secondly, I would look to see if the images
>are being created but are in a different directory from that in which the
>html file expects to find them.
>But it's the screen output that is the key. If necessary increase the
>verbosity level to get more information.
>Steve Mayer
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