[l2h] buglett?

gabriele balducci balducci@univ.trieste.it
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 10:28:37 +0100


I'm using a somewhat oldish version (99.1) so I don't know if this
report has still any use.

My scenario is as follows.

I translate a {slides} latex document (yes, I know that there are
smarter ways...). I change the document class to {article} in the
Makefile and all works quite nicely.

In order to have a title for each slide in the table of contents of
the HTML version, the latex source for each slide environment has the
following template:

          % S L I D E %
          \section[Slide n. \thesection: Title of this slide]{}



Here comes the (actually not that very tremendous) problem. If the
mandatory arg of the \section command is empty (like above), then 
in the HTML I get a `.' as the section title. In order to avoid the
dot, something invisible must be placed inside the braces, e.g.:

          \section[Slide n. \thesection: Title of this slide]{ }
                                (blank here) -----------------^

Is this a buglett (or a feature :))?
   If so, does my report still apply to the latest versions of l2h?
      If so, is there a quick fix?
         If so, could anybody send it to me?

I thank you very much in advance for any help.

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