[l2h] Black borders around math images

Ralph Jung Ralph.Jung@uni-duesseldorf.de
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 19:50:36 +0100

Hi to all !

I use the latest version of SUSE's Linux 7.1. Prof. All the installation of
Latex2Html (v. 99.2 beta8) works fine (./configure reports no problems,
anything seems to be on it's place) . But even running latex2html on the
included test-files produces inlined images with some ugly borders at the
left and at the bottom. The other formulas have got a black line at the

It seems to be a problem with the image-generation, maybe in combination
with a little misalignment of the formulas. But I really don't know how to
fix it. Here are some further details that may help to investigate the


Has anybody spotted this problem, too?
Could it be a bug somewhere ?

Thanks in advance for any help.
  Ralph Jung

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