[l2h] png images

Anthony Fok foka@debian.org
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 11:07:00 -0600

> Just some information from a Web Graphics Design class about png files.
> "The major browsers don't treat png consistently, so we recommend not
using them for now. ...
> I'd suggest reoptimizing as either jpegs or gifs from the source files."
> May 2001.
> So.... don't use png files;  jpegs and gifs are just fine
> and have been for a long time.
> Convert your files out of png if you want people
> to see your websites they way you intended.

No, they are not "just fine", especially not GIFs, because of the stupid
Unisys bogus "patent".  I think that Unisys is despicable for charging hefty
essentially charging an illegal tax on the World Wide Web for something
was widely believed to be "free" (freedom) until years later Unisys suddenly
suing people.  Nowadays, all major graphics software company and even some
web sites
have to pay Unisys for what was once believed to be in the public domain for
so many years.

PNG is the answer to this insanity.  And indeed, PNG is a superior standard
over the aging
GIFs.  While it is frustrating that the major browsers still don't support
PNGs 100%,
they are getting there, e.g. Mozilla 0.9.1 and Netscape 6.1 beta both
properly support
the alpha channel feature in PNGs.  Besides, except "transparent PNGs", PNGs
are properly displayed in both MSIE and Netscape 4.77.

Both JPEG and GIF formats are respectable in their own way.  However, GIF is
dead-end because of Unisys' frivolous patent claim.  Don't give knee-jerk
just because some PNGs are not supported properly on some older browsers.
PNG will ultimate replace GIFs, simply because it is a superior, open,
standard, free of influence from parasites and leaches like Unisys.


Anthony Fok