[l2h] varioref package

Martin Geisler gimpster@gimpster.com
31 Jan 2001 19:46:35 +0100

Hi there

I've been playing a little with LaTeX2HTML and is quite impressed by

But it complains that there is no style for the 'varioref' package by
Frank Mittelbach. It should be quite easy to add support for the
\vref{label} commands, since it should be parsed just like a
\ref{label} command. The difference between a \vref{} and a \ref is,
that the former add the string "on the next page" when appropriate.
But that doesn't really make sense in a hypertext-document.

I've tried to look at the code, but haven't been able to understand
where it begins or ends :-) I know PHP, so most of the syntax is
recognizable, but I'm a bit lost.

Could anybody point me in the right direction?


Best regards,
Martin Geisler

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