[l2h] Re: latex2html black border problem with pngs.

Sangtian Liu sangtian_liu@yahoo.com
Sat, 18 Aug 2001 19:18:25 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Ross,

I think many people using latex2html on redhat have
this problem. I did some search for "netpbm" on
redhad. The latest version on redhat is 9.9, or some
thing like that. And I couldn't find LaTeX2HTML on
redhat, instead I got dhl ( a sort of "A fast LaTeX to
HTML translator.")

I don't know how people got latex2html on redhat. If
they have to install themselves, you should bundle
latex2html with the proper netpbm in the same tar ball
or a better way, a rpm file. Or you should warn people
not to install latex2html 2K on redhat.


I am using debian, with the old version of latex2html
and I am pretty satisfied with it.

--- Ross Moore <ross@ics.mq.edu.au> wrote:
> Hello Aaron,
> > Check out to
> see this problem.  Any idea why
> > the png's might be generated with borders like
> that?  Using latex2html v. 1.48. 
> The particular piece of software which is either
> defective, or not installed
> correctly is called:  pnmcrop .
> This is part of the  netpbm  graphics utilities.
> If I knew exactly which version of this you are
> using, then I could instruct
> you on how to alter the  pstoimg  script (part of
> LaTeX2HTML) so as to
> use your current version of  pnmcrop  to best
> advantage.
> To learn the version, try the command:
>    pnmcrop --version
> It should respond something like as follows:
> pnmcrop: Using libpbm from Netpbm Version: Netpbm
> 9.14
> pnmcrop: Compiled Sun Jun 10 00:28:02 EST 2001 by
> user "ross"
> pnmcrop: BSD defined
> pnmcrop: RGB_ENV='RGBDEF'
> pnmcrop: RGBENV= 'RGBDEF' (env vbl is unset)
> Alternatively, you could update to the latest
> version of the netpbm
> utilities (version 9.16, I think it is now), but
> that could be
> a lot of work. Also, you'd need to reinstall
> LaTeX2HTML, to adapt
> to the updated graphics software.
> > Thanks.
> > 
> Hope this helps,
> 	Ross Moore
> > Aaron Krowne
> > 
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