[l2h] Problems under Win32 (netpbm)

Steve Mayer Steve Mayer" <mayer@dial.pipex.com
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 22:56:32 +0100

I'm not sure I know the answers to this, but some of the previous messages
in the latex2html archive may help. A search for pnmcrop at
http://www.xray.mpe.mpg.de/mailing-lists/latex2html reveals lots of messages
but two of them look promising:

1999-06/msg00044: [l2h] Re: Installation problems on a PC
> 4) RATHER SEVERE PROBLEM (at least it kept me going for 2 days to locate
> the source of it): The "pnmcrop" supplied elsewhere (such as with
> MikTeX) has a different calling argument list, which will cause ps2img-n
> to fail. If configure-pstoimg happens to find this before the one
> supplied with latex2html, thing go very wrong.

1999-11/msg00010: Re: [l2h] A solution and more problems with W95 install.
It's worth reading the whole of this message but what caught my attention

> So my question is. Is it possible to force latex2html to
> read netpbm from a certain directory? Or is there another solution?
Definitely, within prefs.pm .
$prefs{'PNMCROP'} = 'pnmcrop';
Make those names complete paths.

A search for netpbm in the archive may also prove useful.

Also, when you got round the previous problems with ghostscript and dvips
did you follow the ideas at
http://cournot.u-strasbg.fr/yildi/l2h_eng.html and

I only ask because many people have successfully managed to install using

Steve Mayer