[l2h] latex-definition for css

Ross Moore Ross Moore <ross@ics.mq.edu.au>
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 10:14:09 +1100 (EST)

> As writen in 
> http://www.xray.mpe.mpg.de/mailing-lists/latex2html/1999-05/msg00017.html
> there was a command which allowed to add entries to the css file:
> \htmlsetstyle[BODY]{}{background-color: white; font-family : Courier New,
> Courier, serif;}
> This command is 'ignored' in 99.2beta8.

No, it is not ignored.

> (There is no error message, but the entries are not included in the 
> .css file either.)

Yes, and no.
> Is there another way to get settings in the .css file?
You must remove the previous .css file first.
Then a new .css will be created that includes the new settings.

The reason for this is that you can edit the .css separately
*after* having run LaTeX2HTML on your job.
If you then re-run LaTeX2HTML, you presumably wish to keep
the same edits to the .css, so it would be inappropriate 
to automatically overwrite the .css file with a fresh one.

So if you want changes via \htmlsetstyle commands to be preserved,
then you must remove the existing stylesheet file
(or rename it to something else) and have a new one created.

(Use the $STYLESHEET variable to specify the name of the stylesheet
file that you wish to use; e.g. one that has been prepared
independent of the LaTeX2HTML job, or one that has been built-up
as a result of previous jobs.)

Use a Makefile to update LaTeX2HTML documents in which there
is significant CSS information specified.
Have the 'make' code remove the stylesheet before calling
upon LaTeX2HTML (with command-line options).

I know this isn't the best possible strategy, but it is simple
and allows you to do everything that you want with CSS information.
Suggestions for improvements and/or alternative strategies,
or Perl coding for implementations, are most welcome.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

> Regards, Steffen
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