[l2h] formula in a section-title

Ross Moore Ross Moore <ross@ics.mq.edu.au>
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 09:06:43 +1100 (EST)

> Hallo there!
> sorry that I am back again with a new problem. (I do a collection of formula
> for my friends in mechanical engineering.)
> I've a formula in a section-title like:
> \section{ force difference $F_{\mathit {Fg}}$}
> If I run l2h I get in the image file an image like
> $F_{\@mathit {Fg}}$%
> So LaTeX complains about the @.
> What shall I do? ...

Try using    
   \section{ force difference $F_{\protect\mathit {Fg}}$}
> Meanwhile I have worked on the problem: it seems to be a latex one, since
> the \@mathit is the result of reading the .toc file.

Ooh; that is a sloppiness in LaTeX. 
They should not allow expansion of macros such as \mathbf, \mathit, etc.
when writing-out into the .toc , .lof, etc.

BTW, what version of LaTeX are you using ?
Which release-date, and patch-level ?

> And another problem: The images are produced, there is no problem. The most
> of them are correct. But some of the images contents the wrong formular,
> they contain the same as another formula e.g. img50 contains the same as
> img35 also it is compleatly different. If I delete img50 and run l2h again,
> the image is now correct. I had a look at the original ps-files, they are
> correct.
> What do I wrong?

Hmm. Can you send me an example where this happens.
I'd guess that LaTeX2HTML has a subtle assumption that the same image
will be used as when that text is encountered in the body of the document.
That clearly is not happenning here, so you get a link to the wrong image.

I'll need to do some testing and devise a fix for this.

> Thanks for answering

You're welcome.

	Hope this helps,

		Ross Moore

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