[l2h] \htmlmeta usage for META "keywords" in html?

Jameson C. Burt Jameson C. Burt" <jameson@coost.com
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 22:31:00 -0500

For inserting <META...> tags, I gather one can somehow use the code in 
 sub do_cmd_htmlmeta {
  local($_) = @_;
  s/$next_pair_pr_rx/$HTML_META .= join('',&revert_to_raw_tex($2),"\n");''/e;

Without fully understanding this brief code, 
I tried adding possible META tags.
I tried each of the following successively but unsuccessfully,
 \htmlmeta[keyords]{longkeyword, nasslug, first, second}
 \htmlmeta{keywords}{longkeyword, nasslug, first, second}
 \htmlmeta[GLOBAL]{keywords}{longkeyword, nasslug, first, second}
 \htmlmeta[GLOBAL]["keywords"]{"longkeyword, nasslug, first, second"}

All of these merely put something like the following 
in the created html document's body,
   [GLOBAL]["keywords"]"longkeyword, nasslug, first, second"

I was hoping to create 
 <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="longkeyword, nasslug, first, second">
rather than latex2html's default,
 <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="nasslug">


The latex2html archives (Hans Steffani in October, 1998) 
indicate how to kludge a "keyword" META entry,
and Ross Moore (September, 1998) indicated that a future
(I gather now included) \htmlmeta would make META lines.
Ross gave a couple possible sets of options he might consider,
I just haven't yet deduced how to use this \htmlmeta. 

Some of the latex2html email archives asked why one would 
want META "keyword" and "description" entries.
Some search engines look at these META entries.
Indeed, the following site lists a frequency 
of some searches (possible keywords); you might try "latex",

When one sets those "keywords" and "description", 
then one submits the resulting web pages to
over 70 search engines via, eg, the free service at
This site indicates the judicious use of keywords.


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