[l2h] Rotated images disappear

Klaus Wacker Klaus Wacker <wacker@Physik.Uni-Dortmund.DE>
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 12:42:32 +0100

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Dear latex2html, I am working on converting a rather large document
with latex2html. A few of the many pictures in the document don=B4t show
up. I get an error message from pstoimg:

Error: "/usr/bin/pnmcrop < /data/tmp/l2h438/p470.pnm |
/usr/bin/ppmquant -floyd 256 | /usr/bin/ppmtogif -interlace -trans
'#ffffff' > img686.gif" failed: Illegal seek.

But I think the problem is earlier in the chain. The missing pictures
all have the parameter angle=3D270 in the \includegraphics statement,
all others have angle=3D0. When I use -debug on latex2html and then look
at the image00n.ps files, I find that they seem to have a wrong
bounding box, maybe non-rotated or rotated wrongly. gv only shows an
empty page at first, only when I select A4 instead of BBox, I see that
the image is really in the file. The edge coordinates I can read off
in gv are different from the ones in the BoundingBox line in the file.

What can I do? Will a newer version of dvips or anything help? I am
using  dvips(k) 5.86, which is part of tetex 1.0.6, which came with
Debian 2.2. The LaTeX2HTML Version is 99.2beta6 (1.42).

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