[l2h] How do I title l2h's table-of-contents?

Julius Smith Julius Smith <jos@w3k.org>
Thu, 11 May 2000 13:10:27 -0700

Is there some way to set the title of the table-of-contents generated by l2h?

I do not use LaTeX's TOC (which I can title) because that gives me two 
TOCs, which is confusing.  Right now, l2h's TOC is generated after the 
first page, separated by <HR>.  All I want to do is add the word "Contents" 
at the top.  It seems like this should be easy, but after half an hour of 
looking, I can't find any solutions in the documentation.  (I also scanned 
the code, and there was no obvious hook that jumped out at me.)