[l2h] Could not find files: 0internals.pl,...

Ross Moore Ross Moore <ross@ics.mq.edu.au>
Sun, 19 Mar 2000 08:56:52 +1100 (EST)

> Hi there,
> I'm still playing around to get LaTeX2HTML 99.2beta6 working at last.
> Everything _seemed_ to be ok, so I decided to run an extensive test on
> LaTeX2HTML: I tried to convert the manual.
> First, I (successfully) ran latex multiple time on docs/manual.tex. Good.
> :-)
> After that, I set the environment variable LATEX2HTMLDIR.
> Then I gave the command
> 	../latex2html -test_mode manual.tex

The manual is an example of the "Segmented Document" technique.
It is *not* single document that will be made with a single call
to LaTeX2HTML. Instead each chapter is a separate document,
but interlinked with the other parts by cross-references etc.

To make it completely, you need to install LaTeX2HTML
then do   make html  using the Makefile provided.

> (Note that I've not yet _installed_ LaTeX2HTML!)
> However, the document's table of contents, list of figures and list of
> tables were empty (besides the headings).

..and you would have gotten only 10 pages or so,
instead of the full manual which runs to roughly 100 HTML pages.

> While converting, LaTeX2HTML gave multiple messages like the folloing:
> Warning: No implementation found for option: `dvips' for `article' package
> ........Loading segment data from internals.pl 
This is like the  .aux  file in LaTeX,
conaining information about hyperlink targets and section numbering.
Such files can then be used by other documents
to make hyperlinks to specific places; but ...

> Could not find file: Ointernals.pl 
> .
> Could not find file: Sinternals.pl 
> .
> Could not find file: Einternals.pl 
> .
> Could not find file: Minternals.pl 
>  [and so on; I can supply the whole list if demanded!]

 ...these could not be found, because you didn't process the other 
segments, which would have made these as a by-product.

Each segment needs to be processed once to create these .pl files
and then once more to use the information required from the .pl
files of other segments.

This is all controlled from the Makefile.
To get the full manual, in both .dvi and .html
you must do:

 make manual
 make html

The whole process can take up to 20 minutes, (perhaps more)
depending on the speed of your computer.

> I searched for them under the LaTeX2HTML base directory and I grepped
> every file under the base directory for them, but I didn't find anything.
> :-(
> So, which part of LaTeX2HTML is supplying these files? From another
> converted manual I found on the net, I guess they're created on the fly...
> Or more general: What's going wrong here?

You didn't use  make  but tried to do it by hand.

> Thanks in advance! :-)

You're welcome.

	Ross Moore

> Yours,
> 		Andreas Jaehnigen
> 		jaehnias@ims.uni-stuttgart.de