[l2h] Could not find files: 0internals.pl,...

Andreas Jaehnigen Andreas Jaehnigen <jaehnias@ims.uni-stuttgart.de>
Sat, 18 Mar 2000 20:43:56 +0100 (MET)

Hi there,

I'm still playing around to get LaTeX2HTML 99.2beta6 working at last.
Everything _seemed_ to be ok, so I decided to run an extensive test on
LaTeX2HTML: I tried to convert the manual.
First, I (successfully) ran latex multiple time on docs/manual.tex. Good.
After that, I set the environment variable LATEX2HTMLDIR.
Then I gave the command

	../latex2html -test_mode manual.tex

(Note that I've not yet _installed_ LaTeX2HTML!)
However, the document's table of contents, list of figures and list of
tables were empty (besides the headings).
While converting, LaTeX2HTML gave multiple messages like the folloing:

Warning: No implementation found for option: `dvips' for `article' package
........Loading segment data from internals.pl 
Could not find file: Ointernals.pl 
Could not find file: Sinternals.pl 
Could not find file: Einternals.pl 
Could not find file: Minternals.pl 

 [and so on; I can supply the whole list if demanded!]

I searched for them under the LaTeX2HTML base directory and I grepped
every file under the base directory for them, but I didn't find anything.

So, which part of LaTeX2HTML is supplying these files? From another
converted manual I found on the net, I guess they're created on the fly...
Or more general: What's going wrong here?

Thanks in advance! :-)

		Andreas Jaehnigen