[l2h] \htmlsetstyle / css file question

Dan Scholnik Dan Scholnik <scholnik@radar.nrl.navy.mil>
Mon, 21 Feb 2000 13:26:24 -0500

   You can use:

    \htmlsetstyle{P}{ line-height=2.5ex }

   since    .P      matches *every* <P> tag, however nested.

    \htmlsetstyle[BODY]{P}{ line-height=2.5ex }

   since  BODY.P  matches all top-level <P> tags,

    \htmlsetstyle[P.]{}{ line-height=2.5ex }

>From this I gather that BODY.P is what I want per the css specs.
However, on Netscape 4.7 at least, P and {.P,BODY.P) have somewhat
different effects within a single paragraph with in-line math
images. P comes closest to realizing a uniform line spacing, but
BODY.P often results in awkward gaps after lines with math, just like
if I don't set the spacing at all.  I'm not sure that BODY.P and .P
have any effect at all.  And, it seems that text after displaymath
isn't in a <P> </P> block at all, so none of these lines has any
effect on the line spacing (I can provide an example if this isn't
right) in that case.