[latex2html] new version (in response to: [l2h] (nested) enumerate not nice)

Ross Moore Ross Moore <ross@ics.mq.edu.au>
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 19:51:50 +1100 (EST)

David Rourke wrote:

> 1.Hello 
>       1.sub hello 
> See part 1a.
> The following (trivial) diff seems to fix this.
> David
> ! # Always use this code block to handle item generation. Using OL doesn't
> ! # produce the correct item labels (particularly so when nested enumerate
> ! # environments are used). der
> ! #     if (($standard_label)||(/\\item\[/)) {
> !     if (1) {
>   	# split it into items
>   	@items = split(/\\item\b/,$_);
>   	# save anything (non-blank) before the items actually start
> ***************
> *** 10961,10966 ****
> --- 10965,10971 ----
>   	# Original, but $enum_result
>   	$enum_result = &do_env_description($_, " COMPACT");
>       } else {
> + # Shouldn't be using this anymore. der.
>   	$enum_result = &list_helper($_, 'OL', '', '');
>       }

Unfortunately this diff forces all lists to be description-lists;
that is:  <DL> ..... </DL>
with labels constructed explicitly for each item.

I've just implemented the use of <OL Type=".."> for {enumerate} lists.
It seems that browsers do not adjust the bulleting automatically,
with nested lists, so the coding above needs to explicitly construct
the TYPE=".." attribute, as well as choosing <OL...> whenever possible.

The latest revision is now called  version 2K.1beta .
It should be available at the developer's repository within 24 hours.

Among the improvements are the following,
in response to recent postings of this [l2h] list:

 --  new version number:  v2K.1beta
 --  new switches:  (for PHP and Server-Side Includes (SSI)
 	-xbit   sets $XBIT_HACK   uses the apache hack for SSIs
 	-ssi	sets $ALLOW_SSI   for SSIs, using  .shtml  with file-names
 	-php    sets $ALLOW_PHP   for PHP,  using  .php    with file-names
 --  with  $XBIT_HACK  a .htaccess  file is created when needed
 --  implemented  \HTMLget (analogous usage to \HTMLset) 
 	to read and use the values of Perl variables and hashes
 --  further refinements to child-links listings
 --  allow for TOP alignment of images within {tabular}s
 --  allow %section_headings  and  %standard_section_headings to be
 	provided by the user, for better control of heading appearance.
	Bibliography, List-of-Figures etc. now use %section_headings
	to determine the <H-num> level to use, instead of fixed tags.
 --  fixed {enumerate} to allow default use of <OL Type=".."> tagging
 	thanks to David Rourke and Boris Blankleider for reporting the
 	short-comings of the existing subroutines
 --  enumerate types can be adjusted using:  @enum_default_type
 	which initially defaults to the array:  ('A', '1', 'a', 'i', 'A')
 --  \hfuzz is now silently ignored, along with its argument

I hope these improvements will be useful,
especially the ability to generate  .shtml  and .php  filenames.

As yet I haven't implemented LaTeX macros for generating SSI or PHP
inclusions. Would someone who needs these please contact me regarding
the syntax required for these.

> PS Does anyone know that the link to the online archive given at
> http://saftsack.fs.uni-bayreuth.de/~latex2ht/node4.html is wrong? It
> should be .../mailing-lists/latex2html/, not
> .../mailing-lists/LaTeX2HTML/.

Oh; thanks for this; a manual edit should suffice to fix it.

All the best for Christmas and New Year,

	Ross Moore