[latex2html] [l2h] Noticed an aesthetic problem with ``\author''.

Bryan E. Veal Bryan E. Veal" <veal@arches.uga.edu
Fri, 08 Dec 2000 01:01:48 -0500

The LaTeX2HTML output for one author with multiple lines or
muliple authors with one line apiece is fine, however, with
multiple authors and with multiple lines for each produces
odd-looking HTML.


In LaTeX I would write:

    \author{Bryan Veal \\ Webmaster \and John Doe \\ Button

and the LaTeX2HTML output would be:

    <P ALIGN="CENTER"><STRONG>Bryan Veal
    Webmaster -
    John Doe
    Button Pusher</STRONG></P>

which I have to change to:

    <P ALIGN="CENTER"><STRONG>Bryan Veal
    <P><STRONG>John Doe
    Button Pusher</STRONG></P>

I may try supplying a patch if I get brave. :)
Bryan Veal, Web Programmer and Content Provider
Warnell School of Forest Resources, The University of Georgia
email:  veal@uga.edu / phone:  706-542-1965 / fax:  706-542-3342
URL:  http://www.forestry.uga.edu/