[l2h] 2 bugs in l2h

Roman Semizarov Roman Semizarov" <roma7@RS1746.spb.edu
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 05:32:14 +0300 (MSK)

4-Dec-00 11:46 ross@ics.mq.edu.au wrote:

>> 1. If there is a space in the path to miktex, problems occur.
>>    E.g. config.pl can not exe_ute dvips for checking its version.
>>    I think this is very significant bug, because last versions
>>     of MikTeX are installed in  "c:\program files\" by default.

> Since that is a configuration that I do not use,
> can you experiment with the configuration options so as to find a way
> to get this working.
> e.g. you may nee to use quotes "......" around the main root path
> for the LaTeX2HTML installation.

It can not help. The thing is that config.pl searchs for dvips.exe,
founds, and gives it to redir.pl.

   my $dvips = &find_prog(&get_name('DVIPS',1));


   @tryopts = ('','--version','-?','-v');

    foreach $veropt (@tryopts) {
      my ($stat,$msg,$err) = &get_out_err("$dvips $veropt");

   sub get_out_err {
       my ($cmd) = @_;
       # redir.pl does the redirection for us
       unless(open(IN,"$newcfg{PERL} config${dd}redir.pl $cmd |")) {

So you are to change code.
Of course you may put quotes around $dvips -^, but I think, that
it is not a good idea. It is better to make the subroutine
check_prog to return name with quote (changing

'return $path'  to   'return "\"$path\""


'return "$path$ext"' to  'return "\"$path$ext\""

(may be if $newcfg('plat')=~/win32/i)

All this has a little lack: it does not help :)

The reason is that when we give $cmd to redir.pl, quotes disapear,
althouth now our path with spaces lives in ARGV[0]. So, I think we
must add


in the very beginning of redir.pl besides.

>> 2. If l2h see one of my favorite definitions
>>  \newcommand{\(}{\left(}

> Sorry. This *cannot be fixed*, at least not easily.

> Reason:  \( .... \) is standard LaTeX for inline mathematics;
>          which is similar to TeX's  $ .... $ , but not exactly the same.

>          You really should not use this for a different purpose.

You are absolutely right. Sorry.