[l2h] 2 bugs in l2h

Roman Semizarov Roman Semizarov" <roma7@RS1746.spb.edu
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 02:33:37 +0300 (MSK)

1. If there is a space in the path to miktex, problems occur.
   E.g. config.pl can not exe”ute dvips for checking its version.

   I think this is very significant bug, because last versions
    of MikTeX are installed in  "c:\program files\" by default.


2. If l2h see one of my favorite definitions


it answers

,/\\(([\d\W]|$)/: unmatched () in regexp at C:\LATEX2HTML\BIN/latex2html.bat lin
e 5768.


Sorry for poor English.