[l2h] Path problems on Windows system

Stefan Schagerberg Stefan Schagerberg <ss.190@brfmasthugget.se>
Thu, 20 Apr 2000 12:44:03 +0200

I installed LaTeX2HTML on Windows NT using the instructions on
http://feynman.faii.etsii.upm.es/~seidel/l2h/l2h_eng.html (Thanks!)

P1. (kind of solved) The installation (and execution) fails if one does
not always work from the same drive.

The cause of this can be seen in the config.log file in section 4.2 of
the above mentioned document. The parts dealing with ghostscript and
netpbm are missing the drive letter.

A (cheat) fix I made was to add C:\TEXUTILS\GS5.50 and
C:\TEXUTILS\NETPBM\BIN in the PATH before running config.bat. This fixed
the problem, but there should be a more straightforward way to do it.

P2. When using includegraphics I always have to specify the full path.
Just the filename does not work if the eps-file is in the same directory
as the tex-file.

I guess this problem is already indicated in graphics.perl and
graphicx.perl, but if anyone has any ideas how to fix this I can test it
on my system.