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" <Spietsch@gmx.de
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 09:38:12 +0200


I have a question about using frames. As far as I can see as soon as I translate a simple document (just \tabelofcontens \section \subsection ) it creats the toc 2 times one wich 
shows up in the left hand navigation (toc) window and than one you can only see if you follow the uplink until it ends.
What me troubles is that the first one is crated using definition lists in html (<DL>  ... </DL>) and the second one unordered lists (<UL> .. </UL>) . 
Can any one give me a hint how to fix it? I would like to have always unordered lists for toc propose. I even would try to fiddle a bit around with the perl code if some one could give 
me a hint where it is implemented.

PS: I'm using style article.