[l2h] Problem with \bibname

Michael L. Hall Michael L. Hall" <hall@galt.lanl.gov
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 16:05:05 -0600 (MDT)

Greetings, all...

When I redefine \bibname *and* use the harvard package, l2h redefines
the bibname in the table of contents, but uses the original name
(Bibliography) on the page which actually contains the bibliography.
This doesn't happen if I don't use the harvard style.

Here's a small file that generates the error:


\renewcommand{\bibname}{Publication List}



Michael~L. Hall  (1988), Numerical Modeling of the Transient Thermohydraulic 
  Behavior of High Temperature Heat Pipes for Space Reactor Applications, 
  PhD thesis, North Carolina State University, Department of Nuclear 
  Engineering, Raleigh, NC.


Note that this generates a small warning when I run it through l2h --
in my actual application I use BiBTeX and don't get the warning, but I
still get the error. You can see my output (for a limited time) at 


I'm doing some amazing things with L2H -- much thanks to the


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