[l2h] Something to look into Adding a discussion forum to your site, (message boards, live chat, newsletters)

John John" <john@voracom.com
Thu, 6 Apr 2000 21:40:07 -0400

Add a Discussion forum including message boards, live chat and newsletters
to your website today.  We offer the most cost effect way of communicating
with and building your organization through the web.  No software to install
or buy.  It's as simple as adding a link to your site.    Visit our website
today for a live demo. http://www.voracom.com

Nothing opens  the lines of communication like having a message board and
live chat. Discussion forums promotes communication, information sharing
discussion forums promotes communication, information sharing, and the
entire concept of electronic community.

Easy to use and manage,

Message boards and live chat can be used anywhere, at any time, through a
browser, email program, or newsreader. All users need is access to the
Internet or an intranet. Voracom "forums" or "boards" can be used for
holding virtual office hours, providing information and support to
customers, or promoting discussion for a new product in development. Each
board or forum can contain unlimited "conferences" (discussion topics and
the messages and attachments related to them). For those who want to draw
traffic their web sites,

Online brainstorming

Voracom makes it easy for team members to hold brainstorming sessions, even
when separated by time and distance. The fundamental idea behind
brainstorming is never to discard ideas, but share them all. In the
traditional brainstorming model, each idea may be the seed of the final,
creative solution. Voracom keeps conference postings until the administrator
removes them or they reach a defined expiration date. Participants in a
Voracom brainstorming session can refer to earlier comments, previous ideas,
and the entire flow of the conversation throughout its lifetime.

Virtual meetings

Team members and workgroups are familiar with the often-impossible task of
coordinating schedules for meetings to review and discuss time-critical
information. And, scheduling meetings with multiple participants from
far-flung locations can often be more time consuming than the meetings
themselves. However, Voracom provides an effective alternative by allowing a
meeting place without regard to time or location.

Visit our website today for a live demo. http://www.voracom.com