[l2h] table of contents eliminated by nonzero $BODYTEXT

Jim Phillips Jim Phillips <jim@ks.uiuc.edu>
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 11:05:46 -0600 (CST)


In LaTeX2HTML version 99.2beta6 I run w/o arguments on this simple file

This is a section.
This is a section.

All is well until I want white backgrounds, so I create a file
.latex2html-init containing

$BODYTEXT = "bgcolor=white";

Now the background is white, but the table of contents (not the list of
links on the top page, the actual table of contents) is empty.  It's there
as a node and the "Contents" header is there, but nothing is listed.

The code is too obtuse for me to figure out why this is occuring.  Other
than this problem it works perfectly.  I do know that editing the
l2hconf.pm file or adding [html] and \bodytext{BGCOLOR="WHITE"}
to the .tex file has the same effect (eliminating the table of contents).
Also, setting $BODYTEXT = "0" brings the TOC back.  For some reason,
though, the last line in .latex2html-init has to return non-zero.  Odd.