[l2h] More on image convert problem

Tony Tony <uctpjac@ucl.ac.uk>
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 17:45:03 +0000

Dear Latex2html users,

This supersedes my last post.

1.I am using the version distributed in the current Debian stable release, 
98.1-pre2-b6-2 .

2.After producing the ps file, l2h tries to do this:

 -debug  -tmp /home/uctpjac/web/APD/l2h20088/  - -debug -scale 1.6 -geometry 
513x186 -crop bl -margins 84,72 -transparent -out img1. 

Quite clearly, it wants to do pstoimg .... -gif etc. In fact, when I do this 
at the command line, it produces the right gif just fine. So somewhere it is 
not picking up that pstoimg should be used, nor that gifs are to be used. I 
have run both install scripts to pstoimg and latex2html.

Is there an easy answer to my next step?

Another question - I run latex2html as a cron job; is there a way I can avoid 
this release's prompt to overwrite a directory?

Thank you


ELSE / Department of Economics 
University College London
Tony Curzon Price