[l2h] makeimage around a multicols not working?

Ross MOORE Ross MOORE <ross@mpce.mq.edu.au>
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 17:38:01 +1100 (EST)

> I need the whole table as a single image, so I surrounded it by
> a makeimage.
> But, after running latex2html on it, the output image contains
> just a single column, and not three. I'm using the March 8 Dev
> version (99.1) of latex2html.

Ahh, yes; I haven't done anything special for {multicols}.
Thanks for discovering the problem, which isn't hard to fix;
see below.

> I checked images.tex, and it contains the multicols{3} environment,
> and I'm stuck there trying to debug this.
Yes, it's not easy to debug LaTeX's internal code.

However I've devised a simple 1-line fix.
It works as follows.

If the following line is added to the header of images.tex:


then you get the correct columns.
This is safe, since with LaTeX2HTML all environments that are
to be typeset as images are necessarily "inner",
hence need to be "boxed". Thus it doesn't matter that we set
 \if@boxedmulticols  to have a constant value of  \iftrue ,
whether or not the {multicols} package has actually been loaded.

The best place to insert code to generate this line
is within the  latex2html script, with the code block for
 sub make_latex , where other such hacks at LaTeX internals are made:

    "\\let\\real\@dbflt=\\\@dbflt \\let\\end\@dblfloat=\\end\@float\n" .
    "\\let\\\@largefloatcheck=\\relax\n" .
    "\\let\\if\@boxedmulticols=\\iftrue\n" .
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ insert this line
    "\\def\\\@dbflt{\\let\\\@savefreelist\\\@freelist\\real\@dbflt}\n" .

Be careful with the escaped characters and double quotes;
 that is:   \\ s, the \@  and the \n and '.' .

Hope this helps.

	Ross Moore