[l2h] makeimage around a multicols not working?

Avinash Chopde Avinash Chopde <avinash@acm.org>
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 12:31:28 -0500

I have a simple test I created, which uses {multicols}{3} to
create text in three columns.

I need the whole table as a single image, so I surrounded it by
a makeimage.

But, after running latex2html on it, the output image contains
just a single column, and not three. I'm using the March 8 Dev
version (99.1) of latex2html.

I checked images.tex, and it contains the multicols{3} environment,
and I'm stuck there trying to debug this.

Here's the simple test:
=========== begin file===========




aa aa \\
bb bb \\
cc cc \\
dd dd \\
ee ee \\
ff ff \\
gg gg \\
hh hh \\
ii ii

============== end file ============

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