[l2h] Re: equations do not work

Arthur Snoke Arthur Snoke <snoke@equake.geol.vt.edu>
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 09:04:59 -0500 (EST)

Now it can find dvips, but equations still do not work.

Ross Moore wrote that the latest version of install-test includes the
parentheses for dvips(k).  His suggested edit did indeed work, but unless
there is a version more recent than the 4 March 1998 998.1p1 version of
latex2html, I think he or someone else must have edited install-test (my
version before editing was created on 26 February 1998).

For my test file, I erased the directory created by earlier runs and
enterd latex2html test.tex test.html.  The equation line, img3.gif, is
still empty.  An EPS file was successfully converted to img2.gif.  My
version of Ghostscript is 5.50.

Any suggestions where to look next?

Arthur Snoke

Here are the relevant lines towards the end of the run.  Also, there is no
img1.gif in test.html -- which is there, in spite of the "Cannot read..."

Writing image: img2.gifGS>
Writing image: img3.gifGS>
Writing image: img1.gif
Doing section links .....Cannot read