equations do not work

Ross MOORE latex2html
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 14:50:14 +1100 (EST)

> I just installed latex2html v 98.1.1 on a sun running solaris 2.
> There is a bug in install-test because it does not handle correctly
> recent versions of dvips, as the line it looks for has dvips(k) rather
> than dvipsk. 

The line that checks for  dvips  in the latest versions of
the  install-test  for LaTeX2HTML looks like:

% grep -n dvips install*
273:    s/dvips(k|\(k\))?\s*([\d\.]+)/$version = $2;/eo;

This pattern will catch your version.

> ... I don't know if that causes my real problem, which is
> equations in latex files create empty .gif files yet there is no
> error message.  The size is fine in my output file, just no equation.
There should be no incompatibility.
Have a look in your  latex2html.config  for where  $DVIPS  is defined.
Presumably it is empty, or some default that is not applicable
on your installation, because that is what install-test was supposed
to customise.

Make the edit suggested above, then run  install-test again.
Verify that  $DVIPS  has changed within  latex2html.config .

Now image-generation should work correctly,
insofar as  dvips (or  dvipsk)  is concerned.

> Is it possible that there are some features in my version of dvips whic
> have a compatibility problem with latex2html?
> Here is information on my version:
> vtso{snoke}223: dvips
> This is dvips(k) 5.78 Copyright 1998 Radical Eye Software
> (www.radicaleye.com)
> Missing DVI file argument (or -f).
> Try --help for more information.
> vtso{snoke}224: 

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore