[l2h] Re: Bug report: latex2html does not work with LaTeX files

Anders Blom Anders Blom <blom@teorfys.lu.se>
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 09:49:05 +0200

Comments to reply from Ross Moore:

1) One can indeed use "_" in DOS/Win (ever since the first versions).
You can even, under Win9x use spaces and the like in any

2) It is not true that this bug doesn't exist for Unix -- I just tried
it on our SUN Enterprise running the latest Solaris and got the exact
same errors!

3) The explanation given may explain why a plain "part.tex"-file may not
work, but I fail to see why "partdiff.tex" should cause problems, and
this cannot clash with "part_000?".

Thanks for you quick response. However, there seems to be further
issues, especially since the same problem exists under Unix. I will
upgrade to 99.1 and see what happends.

Anders Blom

>> Bug report, LaTeX2HTML v. 98.1 for PC, using Perl 5.004_02.
>> This is a strange bug: it is not possible to use a TeX-file 
>> with LaTeX2HTML if the name starts with "part", such as I 
> There is a subtle internal reason for this *bug*,
> which relates to when there are diffent \input or \include
> files, providing the LaTeX source.
>> wanted "partdiff.tex" (about partial diff.eq.). Obviously 
>> there seems to be conflict with the TeX-command "\part". I 
>> have not checked yet if it is the same for "section" or 
> No, it has nothing whatsoever to do with \part or \section etc.
>> "chapter", but if there is then this is a serious bug, as 
>> many like to split large TeX-files into "chapter1.tex" and so 
>> on.
> Internally, LaTeX2HTML splits the input source where the
> different \input/include files occur.
> The resulting chunks are written into a temporary directory,
> with names part001 part002 etc.
> The full source is also written, with the name of the original file.
> It is the name clash with 'part' that is the cause of this problem.
> Under Unix, there is no bug, as the  names are
>  part_001 part_002 etc.
> (but the '_' cannot be used in DOS/Windows, so someone said).
> In later versions of LaTeX2HTML, there is a configuration variable
> called  $PARTITION_PREFIX  which controls this naming scheme.
> e.g. (from the Unix version)
> # Partition prefix 
> I haven't checked whether this is available already in v98.1 .
> In any case, you might consider updating to v99.1 from
> the developer's repository:
>        http://saftsack.fd.uni-bayreuth.de/~latex2ht/
> Hope this helps,
>        Ross Moore