[l2h] Sectioning

Bek Oberin Bek Oberin <gossamer@tertius.net.au>
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 11:08:55 +1000

Ignore the previous.  I discovered the &ignore_commands()
function.  Really REALLY should read more before I make an
idiot of myself :)

However, THIS one I RTFM'd first ...

Want the document to be broken up so each section is in a separate
.html file.  I have put this in the .latex2html-init:

#$LONG_TITLES = 5;               # Use 5 words of section title as filename
$NO_SUBDIR = 0;                 # Put output in a subdirectory
$MAX_SPLIT_DEPTH = 3;           # At the section level

$AUTO_NAVIGATION = 1;           # Auto-decide where nav panels are
                                # (top=always, bottom=if long page)
# Links to be in nav bar:

to set it up.  Looks right to me.  There should be about 12 sections.

The sections, according to the logfile, are being recognized:

Warning: No implementation found for document class: NetizenTraining.
 *** preamble done ***

1/109:tableofcontents:.."Contents" for perlintro.html

2/109:section:.."1. Introduction" for perlintro.html

3/109:subsection:.."1. Course outline" for perlintro.html

4/109:subsection:.."2. Platform and version details" for perlintro.html

5/109:subsection:.."3. The course notes" for perlintro.html

6/109:subsection:.."4. Other materials" for perlintro.html

7/109:section:.."2. What is Perl" for perlintro.html

and so on.  But its all ending up in the same output file:

[gossamer@mycroft] ~/netizen/latex> ls perlintro
WARNINGS  index.html  internals.pl  labels.pl  perlintro.css perlintro.html

What'd I do now?


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