[l2h] Adding commands?

Bek Oberin Bek Oberin <gossamer@tertius.net.au>
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 10:52:10 +1000

Why .latex2html-init instead of the conventional .latex2htmlrc?
Just curious :)

Ross MOORE wrote:
> Bek:
> > Ross MOORE wrote:
> > > \ifthenelse  isn't implemented yet.
> > Would it be hard to add?
> No, not really; there hasn't been much of a need for it,
> and I haven't devoted the time to tackling the details.

Fair enough :)
> > It's not reading the .cls file (where this is defined) at all  - just
> > says that claass isn't implemented.  How do I get it to read the
> > file?
> You can force it to be read, using the $DO_INCLUDE variable
> (see latex2html.config, or l2hconfig.pin) but that is dangerous.

I've marked up the .cls file with %latexonly and stuff, 
but it seems to be being ignored mostly.

> > thanks for your patience, BTW :)
> It's good to hear that you will be doing a lot of testing.
> Feel free to contact me any time, with problems to be solved
> or new ideas for extending LaTeX2HTML's features.

Oh, you're THE guy?  I figured you were just another helpful user :)


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