[l2h] incorrect tabbing

Stephen J. Sherman Stephen J. Sherman" <sjs@irvine.com
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 09:09:53 -0700

Using l2h98_2beta8 I am having problems with the tabbing environment.
The first line within my environment ends with \kill.  The next line
seems to be translated to html with an extra tab at its beginning.  Is
there a patch for this?  My files follow.

-- Steve Sherman

Here is my latex file (reduced):


{\tt \begin{tabbing}
aaaaa \= aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa \= aaa \kill
\> PI \> 3.14 \\
\> HALF PI \> 1.57 \\
\> COS PI \> -1 \\


Here is the part of the html produced by latex2html:
		 PI 		 3.14 
HALF PI 		 1.57 
COS PI 		 -1