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Joerg Broeker Joerg Broeker <broeker@pc211.ict.tuwien.ac.at>
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 09:27:15 +0100 (CET)

On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Marek Rouchal wrote:

> On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Joerg Broeker wrote:
> That depends on what you mean with "bad".

By "bad" I mean it does not *look* like in the postscript version of
the document...

> (Note: This is a 2 rows x 3 columns table, right?)

Depends, from the "logic" point of view you are right, but my Latex Book
(Latex by Helmut Kopka, Addison-Wesly, sorry german only) says thats the
way to do a table with a row with two lines in that row.

In HTML I get 2 rows with one line each, which is not the result I want.

> No, because LaTeX2HTML translates the logic behind the LaTeX commands into
> the logic of HTML, and in this case a HTML table with 2 rows and two
> columns is produced.

In Latex "logic" there is a difference between row and row ;-) - A
"logical" row is ended with "\\" a "optical" row is ended with "\hline".
In HTML the "logical" and the "optical" row are identical, a row is
always ended with "</TR>".

> The look can be controlled by customized style sheets. There is no point
> in "optimizing" the look at such a level. And it is definitely *not*
> simple to implement!

Another stupid question: How can I do that?

> Again, we're translating markup here, and that clearly says: "I want a
> table with 3 columns and 2 rows". And this is what you'll get in HTML: Two
> rows (<TR>) and 3 columns (<TD>).

I do not agree with that...see above.

> Sorry if this answer sounds somewhat harsh, but a change like this would
> mean a total disregard of LaTeX2HTML principles.

No problem, that is why I started with that "stupid question" thing.

Thanx for the quick reply,


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