[l2h] [Q] there seems to be something wrong

Carl David Carl David <CHADM1@uconnvm.uconn.edu>
Tue, 14 Dec 99 15:26:14 EST

Using the very latest l2h, on an sgi running irix 6.3,
I get the following strange error, which is not reflected
in the latex output itself, which is normal.
The file follows, with the boxes.tex being a scheme for inputting
floating point numbers via cgi-bin into perl programs.
The document resulting from this input can be found at
This is normal size, and here are theboxes
and this should be normalsize, since I've just
executed that command

the gif associated with the boxes.tex input is img1.gif,
which for some reason is not being seen under the current wrapper, but
that is not the problem. The problem is that before returning
from the boxes.tex, I issue a \normalsize
and again, in the main tex I do it again (just to make sure).
But it stays at scriptsize.
This is, for me, a major problem.
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
Carl David