[l2h] Re: -tmp

Jens Lippmann Jens Lippmann <jens-lippmann@usa.net>
13 Dec 99 22:00:49 MET

Hi Carsten.

> Now my questions:
> 1. Is there an workaround/solution for the "dvips -i" problem (so that we
> can work in the "dotted" homes) ?
> 2. Why doesn't our latex2html work with "-tmp" 

1. This bug is related to dvips and there is no better workaround than
   to upgrade it.
2. It works with -tmp, but only half of the job is really done in that
   directory, namely the image conversions.
   The images.tex file still is held in the <work dir>/TMP.
dvips tries to determine the output directory by cutting after the
first dot in <work dir>/TMP/images.dvi which fails in your case.
Rather than -tmp, you could use -dir "/tmp/html" and copy the contents
back into the work dir after l2h finished.
But you should better install a newer dvips release.

Regards, Jens.

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